Snow White Pantomime Porthcawl

Thank you to Awen for inviting us along to see this year's Snow White Pantomime at the Grand Pavilion Porthcawl - as always, reviews reflect our own honest opinion. 

Snow White Pantomime Porthcawl – Review

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This years Pantomime spectacular at the Grand Pavilion is the story of Snow White. Not that the actual story mattered that much. As with any good pantomime it was much more concerned with audience fun and participation rather than any plot.

But they did at least hold true to the Disney classic, along with featuring the seven dwarfs. Albeit no doubt due to permissions they had different names and sang a different tune to the one we all know. Incidentally none of this mattered and my little ones were humming their catchy tune on the way home. New names such as Flossy, Poo and Stinky also seemed to go down well.

To recap on the story; Snow White has an evil step-mother who happens to be a witch. The witch asks her magic mirror “Who is the fairest of them all?”. When it becomes clear that Snow White will replace her as the fairest on her 18th Birthday, the witch vows to have her killed.

On finding out the evil witch’s intentions, Snow White runs to the dark woods only to get lost. Having taken nothing with her, and being overtaken with exhaustion she is luckily rescued by woodland Sprites. And she is then subsequently kindly taken in by the seven dwarfs.

The, let’s face it, rather silly Snow White, then accepts an apple from a complete stranger. Despite resounding advice from the audience to not bite the apple, the nitwitted Snow White tucks in. Consequently she falls into a deep sleep. Luckily, her handsome prince charming finds her and rescues her with a, you guessed it, a kiss. Then of course they live happily ever after. A storyline not too dissimilar to last years Sleeping Beauty when you think about it.

Speaking of which, after the success of last year’s Sleeping Beauty, it was an absolute treat to welcome back the hilarious duo of Vern Griffiths (Dame Dolly Mixture) and Kyle Tovey (Jingles). And as with last years production, they once again stole the show.

Photo – Paul Clapp and Imagine Theatre

They are naturals at getting the audience involved and on their side. Together, they ensure that the show is packed full of farcical family fun moments. I do hope they are back in Porthcawl next year, as they really do make the show the success it is.

Their comedy highlights and antics included the he’s behind you scene to the theme of Ghostbusters, but with a random gorilla thrown in. Whilst an obvious gag it had the audience in fits of laughter.

As did their rendition of “If I weren’t in a Pantomime I would be” in which they were joined by Jamie Lee Morgan (Prince Charming) and Ellena Louise Thompson (Maid). All four sang brilliantly whilst performing a tricky and brilliantly executed slapstick routine with some very near misses of Jingles being hit over the head with a frying pan. Resulting in proper belly laughs from the audience.

Laughter was also guaranteed with their baking of iced buns. Here they pulled some poor chap onto the stage from the audience before getting suitably covered in gunk. They had at least provided him with goggles and a jumpsuit to protect him, so at least that was something.

Whilst the comic duo were fantastic, the villain played by Laura Mansell, deserves a shout out too. She had just the right amount of shrill to her voice without it becoming too ear piercing and was very believable as the wicked witch. She also performed a very powerful version of Alice Cooper’s “Poison”.

Whilst the show is clearly not made with the same budget as the Swansea and Cardiff pantomimes, I have to say the props were also really good too. Especially how they put together the magic mirror. And the wardrobe and costume changes were fab with plenty of pretty princess dresses to keep my youngest happy.

All in all, it is the type of pantomime that guarantees that you walk away with a smile on your face. Unless you really are just a grump. I would say it is definitely one to watch over the festive period to guarantee that bit of much needed escapism.

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Snow White Pantomime is showing at the Grand Pavilion, Porthcawl until 5th January. To book visit the website


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