The Magic Storybook – MilkShake Live, Porthcawl Pavilion

Milkshake Live is currently touring, and we were lucky enough to see it at the Porthcawl Pavilion.  The show itself was jam packed full of fun.  It certainly kept my little one (23 months old) and her little friend (21 months old) engaged throughout the show. Which considering their attention spans was no mean feat. 

       Milkshake live Porthcawl Pavillion

A Review of MilkShake Live at Porthcawl Pavillion

The tenuous story, was a little confusing and a bit naff.  Nevertheless this didn’t make a dent on the fun to be had.  Set amongst Milkshakes magical bookcase, Milkshake monkey, with the help of a Fairy wants to become a Prince in one of the classic fairytales before the clock strikes 12:00.  We join him in his visits to the lots of famous fairytales to see whether or not he will become a prince.

Milkshake Live Porthcawl Pavilion

In the show, two very enthusiastic and up-beat Milkshake presenters (please don’t ask me their names), played a variety of characters throughout the show.  Milkshake Monkey was also there with a selection of giant TV characters.  These included Bob the Builder, Fireman Sam, Little Princess, Noddy, and my little ones favourites Shimmer and Shine.

Milkshake live Porthcawl Pavillion

Milkshake live covered an array of fairytales such as Goldilocks, Jack and the Beanstalk and Cinderella to name a few.  The way of getting the characters into the story was quite funny, such as Bob the Builder helping to build the little pigs a house of bricks and Fireman Sam turning up to rescue the presenter from getting stuck down a drain when searching for gold in Dick Whittington.

Milkshake Live Porthcawl Pavilion

There were plenty of laughs, lots of audience participation and sing along songs throughout the show.  My little one was up on her feet dancing for a large part of it.  The canons firing out gold confetti was also a really nice touch.

The show lasted about 90 minutes, with a 20 minute interval.  90 minutes was about right, for both the little ones and for us adults.  I mean there is only so much ‘up-beatness’ and ‘enthusiasm’ you can take – right?  I don’t know how the hosts do it, but there was no denying that they really were very good at keeping the kids engaged for that long.

Milkshake Live Porthcawl Pavilion

Based on how much my little one enjoyed, I would have to conclude that Milkshake Live is a great show for toddlers.  It’s an ideal opportunity for even the very young to enjoy an afternoon at the Theatre.

Porthcawl Pavilion

Despite being only 20 minutes drive from us, we’d never been inside the Porthcawl Pavilion.  Milkshake Live was our first experience of watching a show there.  

The Pavilion opened way back in 1932 and has a prime spot on the Porthcawl seafront.  Originally built for tea dances and balls, the Pavilion now hosts a variety of events.  It’s a much smaller venue than the Cardiff theatres, or Swansea Grand for that matter.  That’s what makes it ideal for family shows such as Milkshake Live, as you really do feel like you’re in on the action.


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All photos provided by Milkshake Live.
Disclosure: We were invited to Milkshake Live but we were not obligated to write a positive review.  All opinions are our own.
Disclosure: We were invited to the show but were not obligated to write a positive view.  All opinions are our own.

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