Mama Mia at the WMC – ABBAsolutely Fantastic, a Great Day Out with my Mama!

Last week I was lucky enough to have a ‘mum and daughter’ day with my mum and sister. My sister had bought us tickets last Christmas to see the feel good musical Mama Mia at the WMC and we’d had to wait 10 months before we were able to go.  But I am pleased to say it was worth the wait!

We had tickets for the matinée, which kicked of at 2.30 p.m.  Rather than going for lunch first, we were going to make a night of it and go out for dinner at Chez Francais in the evening.  The traffic was terrible but we just about made it in time for a pre-theatre drink, so we headed into the Fresh bar which had a lovely atmosphere, mainly filled with ladies ready to watch the show.I loved the wall at the back which was a wall of pennies, which made it look like a glitter wall – very ABBA.

Mama Mia WMC

After our drink we made our way to our seats, which were fantastically positioned, centrally on the raised stalls.  Despite having been to this theatre many times, it still never fails to impress.  The theatre was packed and there was a great atmosphere, again mainly women with the occasional overwhelmed male thrown in.

I would hazard a guess that most of the people there to see Mama Mia, including us, had seen the film at least once if not more, and so there is inevitably a level of expectation before it starts, and a lot to live up to.  I saw Dirty Dancing in the WMC and I was disappointed, as it was more of a play than a musical and so I was hoping that Mama Mia would not be a let down.

Mama Mia WMC

I need not have worried, as soon as it started it was clear that this was going to be a class act.  They belt out ABBA tune after tune, sometimes without even a chance to clap in between songs as they just roll into one another.

The cast had some truly stunning voices, with Donna, played by Sara Poyzer, stealing the show for me.  She was faultless, the way she sang the Winner Takes it All was amazing and I even had tears rolling down my cheeks when she sang Slipping Though My Fingers, at that point I just wanted to go home and give my little ones a big hug.

Donna’s friends, played by Emma Clifford and Jacqueline Braun, were also brilliant, bringing much of the comedy factor, along with Tim Walton who was very funny as Harry Bright. At the end of the show, they bring the house down with a song and the whole theatre was up on it’s feet dancing and singing along.  Everyone left there buzzing and singing!

After the show we headed back into Canton and had dinner at Chez Francais. Chez Francais is like a typical quaint french bistro that just happens to be in Canton.


A matinée showing is such a great way to go to the theatre as then you have time for a post theatre meal without feeling rushed.  If you haven’t had the chance yet, snap up tickets if you can and take your mum or some girly friends along for a Super Trouper night!

Mama Mia is showing in the WMC until the 13th November.  For more information visit the WMC website at


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