Lezzet Authentic Restaurant is as Authentic as they come

Lezzet Restaurant, Swansea is a rare find.  It is one of the those places that you prey never loses its uniqueness and appeal.  Its the type of place you want to keep to yourself and not have too many people find out about.  Unfortunately, the secret is already out and it has fast got a reputation for serving up delicious food in its rustic setting.

It is little more than a shack; an outside space with an area which provides some cover, next to a truckers cafe on the A48 stretch of road between Llangyfelach and Penllergaer. In fact, if you didn’t know about it, you would probably drive straight past without considering stopping.

Lezzet Penllergaer restaurant

As it relies somewhat on the weather, it is unfortunately only open from March until early September.   In the summer months they have live music on Saturdays, which are usually a sell out so booking is essential.

We had heard so many rave reviews that the next time we were heading to Penllergare woods for a walk, we vowed to call in and sample the menu.

One pretty drizzly and cold August afternoon we rang them and booked ahead for lunch. When we got there there were a few other diners all taking shelter in the covered area, which also had some plastic sides to shield you from the wind.

On such a cold day, it was like being in ski resort restaurant, with the kind of rustic feel and alpine wooden decor.  All we were missing was the snow.  On a sunnier day I’m sure it would feel more like a Mediterranean beach shack.

There is also a spacious outdoor space with plenty of seating, a chicken pen and a small play area.

The menu is mediterranean and greek inspired, with the owner, a very friendly chap, coming from Cyprus.

Lezzet Restaurant Swansea Penllergaer outside play area

We opted for the chicken wings and meatballs to start, which we planned to share between the four of us (as the youngest was asleep in the buggy).

When they came, they were pretty generous starters, so I’m glad we decided to share. The meatballs, covered in tomato sauce and melted cheese, were devoured by the boys in no time.  The chicken wings were succulent and juicy.  There was also plenty of bread served with the starters so we mopped up the sauce in the meatballs.

Lezzet Restaurant Swansea Penllergaer food

For mains, we were rather boring and ordered two pizzas between us; one Hawaiian (not my choice, but my youngest boys favourite) and a pepperoni.

They were delicious! Plenty of meat topping and bubbling cheese on top.  They defeated us, and we couldn’t finish them.  We took the rest away with us in a takeaway box.

Lezzet Restaurant Swansea Penllergaer pizza

The desserts sounded scrumptious and were very tempting, but I couldn’t squeeze one in.  The boys had caramel ice-cream which was seriously good and moorish.

Lezzet Restaurant Swansea Penllergaer ice cream

While we were there we saw fellow diners tucking into the Pides, which are a type of Turkish pizza.  I have to say they looked amazing and we would order one next time.  Also on the menu was a selection of barbecued meat and whole sea bass.  The menu was summer inspired even if the weather wasn’t.

It was lovely to then go for a walk afterwards in Penllergare Woods just to work off some of those calories!

Additional Information:

Family Friendly Rating: ****
Ambience: ****
Food: ****
Overall: ****

High Chairs – Yes
Baby Changing – Yes 
Childrens Menu – No
Dog friendly: Yes

Tel: 01792 892113
Address: Lezzet Authentic restaurant, Penllergaer Business Park, SA4 9HL
Website: https://facebook.com/lezzettaste

Note – the restaurant is cash only, no credit or debit cards.

You may have noticed that there are two variations of the spelling of Pennllergaer and Pennllergare.  This is because the Penllergare estate and the area of the woods was and is spelt differently to the area of Penllergaer.  I hope that makes some sense.

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