Brunchtastic – a new favourite for a lazy family and dog friendly brunch at Cobbles Kitchen

I read an article not so long ago by William Sitwell, food critic, suggesting we should ban the brunch!  I think he’d be eating his words if he had stumbled across Cobbles Kitchen, based in an old characterful Grade II listed barn on the way to Ogmore by Sea, which serves up unpretentious, good old fashioned breakfasts in a characterful, charming and cosy setting.

I, in contrast to William Sitwell, love a family brunch. Whether it’s at our own kitchen table or out and about; Bills or the Penny Farthing being favourites for us.    A brunch means lazy mornings and having the time to sit down together as a family to tuck into tasty but unpretentious grub while planning the day ahead.

Menu at Cobbles Kitchen
Menu at Cobbles Kitchen

A brunch always seems so much less stressful than lunch or dinner out, usually the morning crowd seem so much more chilled (probably as they’re not completely awake), it’s less rushed and if like us, with a young family, as you’ve been up since the early hours, it feels more like a lunch anyway!

On the grapevine we had heard about Cobbles Kitchen and Deli, and thought we would try it out for a lazy brunch with the family.  We got there just after 10.30a.m. and the car park was almost full already.  Not having booked, we headed into the small cafe to find that all seven tables were occupied, but luckily they had additional seating in the barn area.

Cobbles Kitchen
The Quaint Courtyard at Cobbles Kitchen

On walking back outside and across the small courtyard into the barn, we were really disappointed to have to sit in this area rather than in the cosy cafe.  The barn in contrast, was cold and sparse of character, but with Hobson’s choice, we decided to stay and give it a go.  On the off chance we did ask the waitress that if possible we would like to move when a table came free.

I am so glad we stayed, we had only been there 5 minutes, and having just ordered our food we were lucky enough to have a table come free in the cafe.  And what a difference, the cafe is so much more charming, it has at most seven rustic farmhouse tables,  high ceilings with vintage lamps, mis matched shabby chic chairs and chalkboards showing the daily specials.

Cobbles Kitchen
Cosy Cobbles Cafe

Our breakfasts came not long after we were seated, filtered coffees with the promise of re-fills, waffles swimming with maple syrup and piled with bacon,  pancakes packed high with berries and yummy yogurt and welsh breakfasts with sunny side up eggs, gorgeous leek and potato hash browns and toasts dripping in butter.

Could there be any improvements? Well if I’m picky, scrape off the white residue from the bacon before serving (I’m not a fan) and the bacon with the waffles would have been better being crispy and streaky bacon, but my son wasn’t complaining, and despite being just 8, he devoured the whole lot, which I was pretty amazed at.

After finishing our breakfasts, and braving the outside loo, we headed into the Deli.  The Deli was well stocked with corned beef pies, pork pies, pasties, quiches and homemade lasagnes.  As we were by now pretty stuffed, we decided to buy some welshcakes for later, and I was told that they were her Nan’s recipe and were the best in the world!  Ahem I thought, but I bit my lip, we’ll see I thought.  On trying the welsh cakes later, I can say they were really good, not quite as good as my Nan’s welshcakes obviously, but still among some of the best I’ve tasted.

I was pleased that I called into the Deli, as it was here that I learnt of the future plans for Cobbles and Kitchen.  The owner recognised that the barn area that we had been sat in, albeit temporarily, was a project underway.  They have planning to convert it and connect it to the cafe, making the whole place much more integrated.  I am excited to see how the place evolves and just hope that as they make changes, they also manage to maintain it’s character and uniqueness, as this is what makes it such as special place to visit.

Cobbles Kitchen and Deli is ideally positioned to go on to some wonderful walks whether at Ogmore by Sea, Dunraven Bay, Merthyr Mawr Sand dunes or the stepping stones at Ogmore. It is also dog friendly so your pooch can come in and join you, just don’t let them at the sausages!

We’ve been looking for new favourites, and Cobbles Kitchen and Deli will definitely be one for us. I look forward to visiting again soon, but next time I will be sure to book a table in the cafe.



  1. Chloe
    November 1, 2016 / 7:05 am

    Wow! Thank you so much! This was an absolute joy to read – I’m so pleased you called in and enjoyed! You’ll have to pop in some of your nans welshcakes for us to try! ? Chloe x

    • November 3, 2016 / 9:38 pm

      Glad you like the review, we will definitely be back again soon. Will try out the lunches next – lunch menu looked fab. 🙂

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