Tips for how to get over Holiday Blues

The problem with holidays is that they inevitably come to an end.  Then all of a sudden you’re back at home with a bump.  Back to the laundry basket the size of Everest, back to the manic of the school run and back to the hum drum of work and endless emails.  So if you’re feeling a little glum post vacation, here are some tips for how to get over holiday blues. Mainly its about trying to reintroduce whatever holiday rituals you enjoyed doing while away more often into your every day lives.  These are just some of the things we try and do when we get back from holiday.

How to Get Over Holiday Blues Heart

Here are our tips on how to get over holiday blues for every type of traveller

Rather than getting back into the rut of everyday life, think about what it was that you loved about your holiday.  Then try to incorporate more of those things into your week.

For those that love exploring new places and cultures

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Act like a tourist in your home town.  Go out for the day and do all the touristy things you haven’t done for a while.  Browse around your local museum, hop on the tourist bus and explore your home with fresh eyes.  Buy a guide book for your area and get some new inspiration.  Pick places you’d like to visit and try to fit in as many as you can each month.

People watch – If you can’t spare a full day then make sure you do something like go for a coffee.  But don’t get it on the run.  Instead grab a window seat or weather permitting have it alfresco and take time out to just people watch.

Eat Out – Try some new cuisine at a restaurant you’ve never been to before.  Don’t stick to your trusted local, but instead venture into the unknown and try somewhere and something completely different.

Collect souvenirs – When you are away make sure you pick up some souvenirs.   Dot them around the house as little reminders of where you’ve been.

For those that love having more quality family time

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Turn off the telly – When we’re on holiday we tend to have an attitude that we won’t waste our days in-front of the box.  But when we’re home its so easy to fall back into bad habits.  Turn it off and get the board games out or a pack of cards and have some family time instead.

Eat together – If you loved having breakfast together as a family try to do more of it at home.  While clubs and commitments can get in the way, plan and look forward to at least one weekly family meal whether it be at home or at a restaurant.

Do something fun – Go swimming at your local pool and have some fun together splashing about just as you did on holiday.  Ot try out a new activity together such as karting or crazy golf, as you would when you’re away.  Recently we all tried paddle boarding which was completely new to us.  A morning out paddle boarding felt just like being on holiday. To really feel like being on holiday go for an ice-cream afterwards, even if it is raining.

Family photos – Put up family holiday photos around the house as a reminder of how much you all enjoyed your holiday time together.  Even better create a photo book for each of your family holidays that you can look back over.

For those that love the feeling of being relaxed

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Have ‘Me Time’ – There really is something about lying on a lounger with the sun on your face to guarantee a relaxed state of mind, especially where all you have to think about is what cocktail to order next.  But why don’t we make time for ourselves when we’re at home?  Why not ditch the kids for a day and book yourself into a spa and get some serious pampering.  Make sure you factor in some ‘me time’ for yourself every week, even if it’s just a candle lit bath at home with the door locked.

Read a book –  So many people I know say they read on holiday but don’t have time at home.  As my youngest is so busy I don’t even get to read on holiday, but I do intend to start again now I’m home.  So turn off Netflix and start reading a good novel instead.  There is nothing that provides a bit of escapeism more than a good book.

Disengage from work – As soon as you leave the office try and switch off and not take it home.  Often this is easier said than done.  But a good way to switch off is to write your task list at the end of every day and get it off your mind.  Apps like Headspace are good for helping you switch off and focus the mind on being in the present.

For those that love Luxury

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Declutter – On holiday we have so much less stuff about, which in turn means less stuff to put away and less stuff to wash.  Hotels are often so tidy that when we get home our houses can feel a bit of a tip with kids toys and clutter everywhere. Have a good de-clutter and get rid of junk which is just causing you more work.

Decorate – So I’m not saying to paint every room, but its a good idea to have a look at your house from a new perspective.  What was it that you liked about where you stayed?  Can you inject a bit more of that style or luxurious feel into your own home.  Pinterest is fantastic for ideas on decor tips and finishing touches.

Visit a luxurious hotel – Ok, so you’ve just got back, but if you can why not book an overnight stay away in a boutique hotel somewhere not too far away.  Or you could opt for a posh meal out or an afternoon tea instead to get some of that pampered feeling.

For those that love being outdoors

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Reassess Your Garden – How can you make your garden more accessible in the autumn and winter months?  Think about having a fire pit and some sheltered areas where you can brave the elements and get outdoors more whatever the weather.  When we go skiing, we sit outside in the cold with our jackets on but we don’t tend to do the same at home.  Restaurants like Dusty Knuckle in Cardiff are outdoors restaurants which are open all year round.  We could learn a thing or two from them.

Get some fresh air – Aim for at least a half hour outside every day.  Use your lunch time to stroll around the park or take the kids to the park after school.  A walk along the beach at this time of year is perfect as there are less crowds.

Try Hot Yoga – If its that feeling of being warm in the hot sun that you’re missing, why not have a go at hot yoga.  You do yoga poses under hot lamps trying to replicate that feeling of doing Yoga in India where yoga originated.

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So to try and cure the post holiday blues, try and reintroduce whatever holiday rituals you enjoyed doing more often into your every day lives.  If you loved freshly brewed coffee and fresh fruit for breakfast, then what’s stopping you doing more of that at home.  Have a look at what you can change in your week to accommodate more of what you love doing.  Let go of some of the things that you have been doing as habit but don’t really value and ditch them.

Of course, if you are feeling really low make sure you share your feelings with others or seek professional advice.

If you have any tips for how to get over Holiday Blues please do share in the comments below.  I hope you found our tips on how to get over holiday blues useful.  If you did, please share or pin for later.

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  1. September 21, 2018 / 4:25 pm

    This is such a lovely post! Thank you for the much-needed tips!! ?

    • October 24, 2018 / 3:26 pm

      Its so easy to fall into humdrum routines when home isn’t it!

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