25 Top Tips for Visiting Legoland Windsor

This year we headed off to Legoland Windsor resort with the kids for our fifth time.  So its safe to say we know the park pretty well.  People often ask me “what is Legoland like to visit?”.  So we thought we’d share our top tips for visiting Legoland Windsor to make sure “Everything is Awesome” when you go.

Top Tips Visiting Legoland Windsor Entrance

  1. If you can, go outside of main school holidays and bank holidays.  The park is notably quieter outside of these times
  2. Visit earlier or later in the year and avoid the busier summer months
  3. Book early to get the best deals and the most choice
  4. Look out for offers, there are often deals on Kellogs cereal boxes or you could use your Tesco club card points in exchange for tickets which will save you considerable pennies.  We booked with Lego Holidays as they have good local hotel deals and then you get one days free entry into the park.  
  5. Pre-pay for parking and print off all your tickets at home.  This will mean that you both enter and leave the park quickerWhat is Legoland Like
  6. Don’t bother with priority parking, most of the car parks are close enough and it’s just not worth paying the extra
  7. Measure your little ones beforehand and check which / how many rides they can go on before you go.  If they are at least 0.9 metres there are plenty of rides for them to try.   If they are 1 metre then they will pretty much be able to go on everything 
  8. Download the Legoland App before you go and register your phone for the WiFi.  The App lets you check on queue times and show times etc
  9. The Park officially opens at 10:00 a.m. as that’s when the rides open.  But you can access the park from 9:30 a.m.  Get there early to miss the crowdsWhat is Legoland Like
  10. When you first get to the park, if your child is close to the 0.9 or 1 metre get them measured there.  They will then wear a coloured wristband indicating their height which saves on them being checked at every ride
  11. At the visitor centre you can pick up identity bracelets for the kids to put your mobile numbers on just in case heaven forbid they get lost
  12. Take advantage of the The Parent Swap Pass which means parents can take it in turns to go on with their child without queuing twice.  It means that parents can swap who goes on while the child can experience the ride twice
  13. When first entering the park don’t follow the crowds and go left instead.  It tends to be quieter that way.  There are also slides that kiddies can go down all the way along which makes it more fun for them tooWhat is Legoland Like 3
  14. Food is very expensive there and everywhere to eat has long queues so its best to take a picnic.  There are plenty of spots for picnicking.  Or why not have your picnic while watching the Pirate or Lego Friends show at the centre of the park?
  15. Don’t expect to cover the whole park in a day.  Go for two days and you’ll feel a lot more chilled.  Make sure you plan which rides you really don’t want to miss and head for them first.
  16. I’m often asked what is Legoland like for queues?  The answer is there are long, long queues.  For some rides you will have to queue for well over an hour.  If you can afford to, consider buying a Q-Bot.  A Q-Bot enables you to ‘virtually’ queue for a ride.  There are three different types.  We opted for the middle one, priced at £35 each for one of the days.  It was expensive, but as the park was busy, we thought it was worth it.What is Legoland Like 4
  17. If you’re going for two days, buy the Q-Bot for the one day.  On the other day focus your activities on the shows, the cinema, the waterpark and less popular rides and those not covered by the QBot to save on overall queuing time
  18. As soon as your QBot has been scanned select your next ride.  That way you start virtually queuing when you are in the middle of enjoying a ride
  19. Take the kids swimming costumes for fun at the waterparks.  Go in the morning when everyone else is hitting the rides as it tends to be quieter first thing.  There are lockers there so you can leave the stuff there and collect it again later to save you carrying it aboutWhat is Legoland Like 5
  20. Take a pushchair.  There is a serious amount of walking involved for little legs.  You can hire them there but at £10 for a single and £15 for a double buggy it is more cost effective to take your ownWhat is Legoland like 6
  21. Wear sensible shoes and comfortable clothes.  Trousers / shorts are better than jeans as these dry quicker which you’ll be grateful for when you get wet from the rides
  22. It goes without saying, but remember your camera.  There are plenty of photo taking opportunities
  23. So What is Legoland like for rides?  There are lots of very popular rides and we have always found it bet to hit the big rides such as Atlantis, Viking, Ninjago and the Dragon at the end of the day when it tends to be quieter
  24. When leaving the park, turn right at the roundabout and get in the right hand lane from the start. This avoids the horrendous Windsor traffic
  25. If staying over, don’t eat at the resort.  Windsor has some lovely restaurants.  We ate at the Bell and Dragon in Windsor which was very family friendly and even had chalk tables that the kids could draw on

So there you have it, our top tips for visiting Legoland.  If you have any tips or advice that I’ve missed please let us know in the comments below.  If you found this post useful, why not pin for later:

Top Tips for Legoland Windsor


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    June 14, 2018 / 7:43 pm

    Some really good tips that are worth listening to

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