Luminate Wales at Margam Park – Review

Last night we attended the pre-opening night of Luminate Wales at Margam Park. Thank you to Luminate Wales for inviting us along to review. As always our reviews are 100% honest and are based on our own views.

For the first time ever, a dazzling display of lights is trailing around the majestic gardens of Margam Park, telling stories of fairies, goblins and dragons.

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The light trail weaves a mile long path around the gardens. Depending on how long you take to stop and marvel and of course depending on how fast you walk, the trail will take anywhere between 60 – 90 minutes. We were there for just shy of two hours and that included a hot choc stop at the Castle. We probably would have eked it out a bit longer if it hadn’t been for the relentless rain.

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So what did we think of it and would we recommend Luminate Wales at Margam Park? In short, we loved it and would say it makes for a perfect family evening out. If you have kids with big age gaps, as we we do, you’ll appreciate that events to suit all ages are a rare find. But I’m pleased to say that we found that it had something to keep them all happy.

Please do read on for the full review, but be warned, the review and pictures do contain spoilers.

Luminate Wales at Margam Park – Our Review

You are welcomed to the trail at the entrance nearest the Orangery. Strategically placed before you enter is a small stall selling mulled wine which you can take with you to sip while you walk along. It was pouring when we got there so we decided to refrain. What’s the point of mulled wine if it’s to be diluted with rain water after all?

As soon as we entered we were greeted by a hologram of an old man resembling a wizard, who told us of the magical and mysterious comings and goings of the grounds. It certainly set the scene and the feeling of enchantment for the trail which lay ahead.

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During the trail we meandered through light tunnels, met the Old Grandfather Tree, danced in the glittering light show and spotted fairies in the mystical garden, all to the sounds of beautiful music. The fairies of course being a highlight for my youngest who was captivated by them.

Luminate Wales at Margam Park - 4

There were nice interactive touches too. We played a keyboard where the keys lit up the Citrus House, wrote out our wishes and hung them on the wishing tree and we (inharmoniously) played jingle bells as orchestrated by lights of colour. Not to mention the lovely welcoming warming fire pit where we toasted our marshmallows.

The climax of the trail was the light show on the Castle. The digital animation was mesmerising from the initial fairies flying across the Castle walls to the hatching of the dragon’s egg. All of which was accompanied by some stunning music. It was so good we stayed and watched it run through at least three times before descending back to the start.

Luminate Wales at Margam Park - 5

Our Verdict

We thoroughly enjoyed our visit. Being big fans of Margam Park and regular visitors there it was a treat to visit and encounter a completely new experience. Even the dreary weather in which we got soaked, didn’t dampen our spirits. Due to the rain and my camera lens getting rather wet, unfortunately my pictures really don’t do it justice.

Luminate Wales at Margam Park - 3

We would recommend it for any kids or adults that like that little bit of magic. Just be sure to wear appropriate clothing and wrap up warm. Oh and remember your marshmallows and skewers too, as at £1.00 for three, you’ll be glad you took your own.

Have you been? I’d love to hear what you thought of it, let us know in the comments below.

Luminate Wales at Margam Park - 2

Additional Information:

Luminate Wales at Margam Park is running for four weeks from Friday 22nd November until Monday 23rd December.

Tickets – Adults £12 (£14 at weekends), children £8 (£10 weekends). Age 3 and under go free.

Booking – Book via the website or call 01925 450 640 (lines opne 9 a.m. – 6 p.m. Monday to Friday).

Accessibility – There are some steps, but the path was clearly marked and was buggy friendly. There were also additional signs for wheelchair users. There is ample parking and this is included in the price of the ticket.

Directions – Margam Park is situated just off the M4 near Port Talbot. For directions visit the Margam Park Website.


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