Isolation Birthday Ideas for Kids

Two of my children have had a lockdown birthday. Chances are if your kids birthday is in lockdown they may be feeling pretty down about it. Especially if they were looking forward to a party with their friends. But, just because their birthday falls in lockdown doesn’t mean that it has to be all dull and flat. Here are our isolation birthday ideas for kids to make sure that their birthday is one to remember for all the right reasons.

1 – Celebrate that it is a lockdown birthday

Isolation Birthday Ideas - 2

We focused on all of the benefits of this. I mean how many of us will be able to say they had their birthday in lockdown? There are plenty of lockdown t-shirts and banners being sold on Amazon to celebrate the lockdown birthday. Or if (as ours did) their birthday falls on a school day, then you can really emphasise the fact that they would have been in school on their very special day. That seemed to win ours over.

2 – Make a birthday video

With a bit of planning, ask your child’s friends to send a happy birthday message recording. Then combine them all with some videos or pictures of your child over the years to make a special birthday video. I-Tunes has a really easy app to use on the phone which is pretty foolproof or you can use it on your pc.

3 – Bake a cake

Isolation Birthday Ideas

Rather than going for the shop bought variety (like I usually do), make your own. Now I’m personally more of a savoury cook than a baker, but this chocolate cake from Mary Berry is fool proof. There are also some lovely cake top decorations you can source from Amazon such as this Unicorn cake topper or this Pirate one.

4 – Hold a virtual party

What with Zoom, Google Hangouts and Houseparty all being pretty commonplace since the lockdown, it is easy to set up a virtual birthday party. For older kids you could invite family and friends to a birthday quiz or a round of bingo.

Or you could do something interactive with their friends like make a dream catcher. Send a pack out to each friend before the party and then make it together on line. Or you could even hire an online entertainer such as Captain Fantastic to run your on-line party for you.

5 – Have a picnic

Isolation Birthday Ideas - 4

Make a special birthday lunch by having a picnic, ideally in the garden or if the weather is less than kind take it indoors. For little ones why not turn it into a teddy bears picnic. Check out some of Jamie Oliver’s picnic ideas HERE.

6 – Don’t forget the party games

Play all the traditional party games such as pass the parcel, musical statues and pin the tail on the donkey. If you don’t have siblings to make up the numbers get the teddies to join in too. You may also want to take a look at our 50 things to do in the Garden for some inspiration.

7 – Do a scavenger hunt

Isolation Birthday Ideas - 3

Rather than just handing over the presents, make up some clues of where the presents can be found in the garden or throughout the house. Encourage family and friends to send the presents through the post beforehand so they don’t feel like they are missing out and so there are plenty to find. Then make some cryptic clues about their whereabouts.

8 – Rope in the neighbours

If you know your neighbours well enough then ask them to put up some posters or banners wishing the little one a happy birthday which they can spot whilst out on their walk. Or let them know what time you’ll head out and ask them to shout out happy birthdays from their houses.

9 – Have a family film night

Get in plenty of pop-corn, draw the curtains and settle down to a family film. Check out our favourite 80’s films to watch with kids for some inspiration of what to watch. As there’s no school let them stay up late as an extra treat.

10 – Camp out in the garden or host a sibling sleepover

Isolation birthday ideas for kids

As they can’t have a sleep over with friends, why not have one with their siblings or with you. Make up some camp beds, put up the fairy lights and all cuddle in together. If the weather is good enough then why not camp out in the garden for the night and make it like a holiday?

Wishing all those in isolation with a birthday a very special day. If you have any isolation birthday ideas for kids please let us know in the comments below.

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  1. Joan
    May 22, 2020 / 3:21 pm

    your blog always makes me feel very positive, some lovely ideas

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