Have a Spooktacular Halloween in Lockdown

It looks like things are going to be quite different for Halloween this year, especially in Wales with the recent announcement of a full on lockdown over half term. But don’t let that put you off, here are our favourite ideas to make the most of Halloween in lockdown and to ensure it is a spooktacular success.

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halloween 2020 Scavenger Hunt

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Decorate the house

Go all out and decorate your house with spooky spiders and wicked witches. Try and get others in the neighbourhood involved too and decorate your front doors and porches. As the kids are limited in what they can do over half term they’ll love spotting the different ways people have decorated their houses for halloween when they are out a walk.

I absolutely love this Spiders Web decorating kit from Amazon. Of course banners and carved pumpkins would do the trick too.

Host a Halloween quiz

Even though we were glad to see the back of zoom quizzes earlier this year when the restrictions were partially lifted, I think it is time for a comeback. So why not dress up and host your own Halloween in lockdown themed quiz to kick off the winter quiz season.

Make pumpkin lanterns

Be as creative as you can be and make your pumpkins into works of art. There are plenty of ideas on Pintrest or Google to copy. We use the battery tea lights as they are safer and don’t go out in the wind.

Halloween in Lockdown

Make some Halloween treats

Rather than wasting all that carved out pumpkin turn it into pumpkin soup or pumpkin pie. Or if you’re more of a baker have a go at these ghost meringues or bake some Bat Brownies or spider cookies. There are some really fab halloween recipes are over on Betty Crockers website.

Pumpkin and Sweet Potato Soup Recipe
Pumpkin Soup

Play Halloween games

Get creative and throw together some Halloween party games. There’s the traditional bobbing for apples where you fill a basin with water and fill with apples. You then have to try and remove one with just your mouth while your hands are behind your back.

Or you could decorate some empty tins with spooky faces and stack them up to try and knock down with a tennis ball. Country Living has pulled together a great list of games for Halloween which you could check out for inspiration.

Set up a trick or treat hunt

Just like Easter, but instead of an egg hunt do a trick or treat hunt and hide some goodies in the garden. Do it when it is dark so they get to use torches to try and find what’s been hidden. If you have time you could turn it into a treasure hunt and write out some clues to lead them to the goodies. Don’t forget to add some gore like hiding things in bowls of cooked spaghetti or jelly.

Have a Halloween movie night

Cwtch up, pour the popcorn into your trick or treat buckets and watch a spooky film. Some of our favourites are Hocus Pocus, Ghostbusters, The Nightmare before Christmas, Casper, Caroline, The Monster House, The Adams Family and Hotel Transylvania. Which one will you watch?

Organise a spooky scavenger hunt

Get the neighbours involved and ask if they’ll put some spooky posters in their windows. While out on a walk see how many you can spot on a tally sheet. Don’t forget to download our FREE pack which has the posters and a scavenger hunt sheet to go with it.

halloween 2020 Scavenger Hunt

Go pumpkin spotting

As we’re allowed out to exercise in lockdown, why not go for a walk around your village or neighbourhood and see how many pumpkins you can spot. Don’t forget to download our FREE pumpkin trail spot sheet. Pick out your favourite designs.

Halloween in Lockdown

Get Crafty

There are lots of easy Halloween crafts to try and there are so many ideas on Pintrest. I love these bats made from hand cut outs from Simpleeverydaymom.com and this spider and web from the Madhouse Mummy which we will be making over half term. Or if you want to make it really easy just grab a Halloween Activity Book to keep them busy.

Create a Halloween playlist

Get the kids to burn off some energy by dancing to some Halloween classics such as Zombie by the Cranberries, the Monster Mash by Bobby Picket or Ghostbusters. Even better why not try and learn the dance routine to the Timewarp or Thriller.

Tell Ghost Stories

Make a moody atmosphere with candle lighting and tell your best gory tales. Or if you prefer pick up some Halloween books such as the The Ghost of Gosswater by Lucy Strange, The Witches by Roald Dahl, Little Monsters by David Walliams or The Very Hungry Caterpillar’s Creepy-Crawly Halloween.

Dress up

There are lots of outfits you could pick up at the Supermarket, but if you can, rather than opting for them, have a go at making your own. If you have face paints a zombie is pretty easy to pull together as you can use some old clothes and rip them up a bit and then paint the face all pale. We also used tea to make them look stained and dirty. Or you could just be a mummy and wrap yourself up in toilet paper, but remember no stockpiling the loo paper!

Before you go don’t forget to print off your FREE Halloween pumpkin spot sheet and scavenger hunt.

halloween 2020 Scavenger Hunt

I hope you like our ideas for Halloween in lockdown, if you have any other ideas let us know in the comments below.

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