Bryngarw Country Park – Easter Egg Hunt

Brungarw Country Park, Bridgend, has over 100 acres of beautiful parkland, woodlands and formal gardens to explore.  It also has a top notch park with the usual swings and the most awesome slide.  If you haven’t been, it is definitely worth a visit.  We love it there, and have written about our previous visit, but this was the first time we had attended an organised event there.

We were invited to Bryngarw Country Park this Easter to take part in their annual Easter Egg Hunt.

Bryngarw Country Park

Bryngarw Country Park – A review of the annual Easter Egg Hunt

The first thing we noticed when we arrived was the colourful characters there to meet us.  The street performers from La La La Productions were dressed up as goats, a drummer boy and a rag doll.  They were all great and stayed in character for the whole time and this created an extra element of fun to the hunt.

Bryngarw Country Park

The first thing we did was to make our own Easter Egg baskets.  The goats bleated out instructions and asked the kiddies whether they would like to make a bunny rabbit, a carrot or a chick easter basket.  Ours all opted to make a bunny.

Bryngarw Country Park

Helpers were on hand and gave plenty of assistance and guidance.  A little poetic license meant that the boys drew their own bunny ears and faces onto the baskets.  I have to say, there were better versions, which I think was down to more parents drawing for little ones.  Ours looked more apt for Halloween.  The boys seemed very pleased with themselves and their baskets, so that was the main thing.

Bryngarw Country Park

After making the baskets it was time to start the hunt.  We walked into the park, past the duck pond and past the Bryngarw House, guided by the friendly goats, until we came to the first stop.  A small enclosed woodland garden area.

Bryngarw Country Park

The goats tried to make sure everyone found plenty of eggs and that the little ones got a look in as their little legs meant that they were left behind a bit.  I have to say, that despite their encouragement to only take one or two eggs from each pile, there were a few greedy children who ignored them.

Some kids would take all of the eggs when they came to a pile not leaving enough behind for others.  This meant at the first spot we stopped my youngest only found two eggs and the boys not much more.  Other kids seemed to have almost full baskets and were already munching on their finds.

The goat did take pity and magically some just appeared in front of us, so we picked those up and added them to their baskets.  It was a nice touch that they were aware of whether everyone was getting enough eggs.

Bryngarw Country Park

We walked on, following the goats to the next spot.  Once again all the children hunted round for eggs and added them to their baskets.  The final spot was by the oriental gardens.  Here the goats asked for some volunteers to be fellow goats.  The two excited chosen kiddies got to wear a goats coat and led the way over the trip-trap bridge.  There were plenty of eggs here, all across the bridge and through out the gardens.  The kids loved it and everyone seemed giddy with excitement as they filled their baskets to the brim.

Bryngarw Country Park

From here, we headed back towards the start.  At the top of the hill waiting for us, was the Easter Bunny herself.  The Easter Bunny gave out even more eggs and had her photo taken with each of the children.  Our little one, loved meeting the Easter Bunny, it was definitely a highlight.

Bryngarw Country Park

At the very end of the hunt, every child was given an Easter Egg to take away, along with whatever chocolate they had found on the hunt.

Bryngarw Country Park

After the hunt, we headed straight for the park.  We spent about half an hour there on the swings and the slide to burn off some of the sugar.

Bryngarw Country Park easter egg Hunt 7

The whole event at Bryngarw Country Park was very well organised.  Throughout the hunt, the goats did keep asking if everyone had enough eggs, and they would happily of provided more if anyone was short.  There was certainly plenty of chocolate for everyone even with greedy kids about.  The organisers knew exactly what they were doing and the whole thing ran very smoothly and to time.

I would say the event is ideal for younger children as there is nothing challenging about it in terms of having to decipher clues or anything.  Although there was quite a bit of walking for the very little under 2’s.  Being an hour it was about the right length of time for smaller ones.  Saying that, all of our three children ages 10, 7 and 3, all really enjoyed the experience and left with huge grins on their faces.  For a fun family day out, you can’t ask for more than that!

Additional Information:

Easter Egg Hunt cost £8.50 per child.

For more information on Bryngarw Park and for a list of coming up events please visit:-

To read more about our previous visits to the park click here.

Disclosure – Thank you to Bryngarw Country Park for inviting us to take part in the Easter Egg Hunt.  Please note we were not obligated to write a positive review, in fact they asked for open criticism in order that they could continually improve on their events.

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  1. Val
    April 4, 2018 / 4:28 pm

    What a lovely day out for the children, sounds as if everyone had lots of fun

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