Easy Bean Salad Recipe

This super tasty but really easy bean salad is perfect to go with your summer barbecue or ideal as part of antipasti platter. It is…

How to make courgette soup

In this weeks kids cooking recipe we have shared how to make courgette soup. This recipe is for courgette and pea soup with basil and…

Kohlrabi Slaw Recipe

So until last week I hadn’t come across Kohlrabi before. It arrived in my seasonal veg bag from Elwyns Produce with a note telling us…

Crab Linguine Recipe

This crab linguine recipe is so easy to make. Perfect for a mid week dinner as you’ll have it on the table in under 15 minutes. By using tinned crab meat it makes it more of a store cupboard dinner, but with some fresh ingredients thrown in that you’re likely to have to hand anyway.

Tortilla Pizza Wrap Wedges

If you can’t be faffed with making your pizza dough then these tortilla pizza wraps are a great alternative to pizza. And they’re lighter too, perfect for an easy peasy lunch.

Root vegetable rösti with poached egg and bacon

This root vegetable rösti recipe uses carrot and swede as an alternative to the traditional potato. Perfect if you’re trying to cut down on your carbs or get some extra veg into the kids diet.

Beef Cawl Recipe

What can be better on a rainy day than a hearty bowl of Cawl?! Cawl (which rhymes with owl) is basically a chunky broth soup packed with meat and vegetables and is commonly thought of as one of the national dishes of Wales. This is made with brisket of beef that melts in the mouth.

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