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Thanks for visiting Welsh Cakes and Wellies.  A Welsh travel blog all about travel, days out, and eating out in the Vale of Glamorgan and surrounding areas.  As we love traveling, there is also quite a bit of further afield family travel thrown in too.

As you’ve clicked on the about page, I’m guessing that you’d like to know a little bit more about us. Well we live in South Wales, in the Vale of Glamorgan, pretty much between Ogmore by Sea and Cowbridge.  We’re a busy family of five.  There’s me, my husband, two adventurous boys (aged 10 and 7) and a little madam of an 2 year old who is the boss of us all.  Not forgetting of course, our golden retriever puppy, Honey.

We always said that having children wouldn’t change us, but of course it has; there’s no more lazy Sunday morning lie ins, we seldom finish conversations without being interrupted and we are constantly tired.  Trust me I have the eye bags to prove it.

BUT, we have never let having children stop our love of travel or eating out.  All of our little ones had travelled by plane by 4 months old.  Our eldest ate in a Michelin star restaurant at just one years old, although we didn’t risk the same with the other ‘louder’ two.

I remember once someone saying, a crying baby is a crying baby whether at home or on top of a mountain.  So we have tried to adopt that ethos of getting out and about with the kids as much as we can.  I’m not saying that we’re really active or adventurous as parents, far from it.  It just means we still travel and eat out as much as before, but now the kids come too, and we take a lot more stuff!  We also try and fit in a few adult only breaks too – well we need some down time afterall 🙂

We love living in Wales.  Being Welsh myself (a Swansea girl originally) I eventually convinced my English husband to move here from London.   We’ve now been living in the Vale of Glamorgan for 11 years.

As a family we love being outdoors.  We enjoy walking, skiing and generally experiencing new things and places.  As we both work, our free time is precious and so we try to cram in as much fun family time as we can.  Which can be tricky around all the clubs and other stuff going on.

We set up this blog just over a year ago.  Our aim was to showcase how wonderful Wales is and to provide honest reviews of places to visit. There are so many fantastic places to visit in the Vale, from the coast to the countryside.  Not forgetting some of the most amazing restaurants too.  As a rule, we tend to prefer independent businesses and we try and support local suppliers when we can.  Our promise to you is to always provide honest reviews and share any gems that we find with you.

We hope that you find Welsh Cakes and Wellies a useful source of information, whether you live in the Vale or are planning a visit.  We love to hear from all our readers, so please do drop us a line with any comments, recommendations or questions.

So come on, grab your wellies and lets go explore!


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