About Welsh Cakes and Wellies

Hi There!

Thanks for visiting my blog which is all about munching and adventuring in South Wales with my Family!

As you’ve clicked on the about page, I suppose you’d like to know a little bit about me. Well I live in South Wales in the Vale of Glamorgan and I have a busy family; two adventurous boys aged 9 and 6 and a little madam of an 18 month old who is the boss of us all!  Then there’s my husband, who doesn’t want to say his age but did want me to add gorgeous, but I don’t want him to get too big-headed!.

We always said that having children wouldn’t change us, but of course it has; there’s no more lazy Sunday morning lie ins, we seldom finish conversations without being interrupted and we are more tired than we have ever been, and I have the bags to prove it!

BUT, we have never let it stop our love of travel or eating out.  In fact, each one of our little ones travelled on a plane by the time they were 4 months old and our eldest joined us in a Michelin star restaurant when he was a little over one.  So we still travel and eat out, but the kids come too, and we take a lot more stuff!

I love living in Wales, but having moved back to Wales from London 10 years ago, I don’t think we have really made the most of exploring what’s on our doorstep.  We have been guilty of sticking to tried and tested places we love.

So that’s why I have started this blog, I’m going to try and act more like a tourist in my homeland in the hope of finding new family friendly places which will also become firm new favourites.

My blog will also include lots of restaurant reviews, as we really enjoy eating out as a family.  A bug bear of mine is that some restaurants still fail to really welcome families, whilst your typical ‘family friendly’ restaurants tend to just offer the bog standard nuggets and chips! So we’re on the look out for some great restaurants too!

For when you can’t eat out, have a look at the recipe pages for some family friendly meals, which are all super easy to make and have been tried and tested on my little ones.

So I hope you like my blog and stick around for a browse, have a cup of coffee (or a glass of wine) and a welsh cake while you do, or even better venture out and explore wondrous Wales, whatever the weather!

So come on, grab your wellies!